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PISCES-Who Are Sexually Compatible With?

PISCES-This sign is the achiever sign, in other word it is the self made man or woman. This sign gathers no moss, and believes in hard work and achievement.  Believes in going with their gut feelings, because they innate psychic ability.  Pisces Man he is attracted to earthy type of women, who are artistic and creative. He also feels he can mold these women to what he desires. Pisces Woman is attracted to sensitive, callow fellows who are more fragile then she is. She often settles down with someone who treats her like a princess, which will provide emotional sanctuary and proper pampering.

                                  PISCES MAN

PISCES MAN/ ARIES WOMANWith this  ultra-receptive  man, she softens, stimulating maternal instincts. He's  expected to clean up his emotional act or take his exit. Sex is no simple affair: She wants it long and hard;  he's comfortable cuddling.

PISCES MAN/ TAURUS WOMAN:  Allies: an emotional attachment develops instantly. He's ready to commit. If she accedes, life will be peaceful and productive. In bed, the focus is on entertainment- both require plenty of playful attention.

PISCES MAN/ GEMINI WOMAN: Pisces appeals as a consort. He may hang on her every word. Together, worldly ambitions are given fullest focus; other aspects are often left in disrepair. Sexually, she get a surprise: Mild Pisces makes many demands.

PISCES MAN / CANCER WOMAN: They push each other's buttons, though with the best of intentions. An absorbing bond:  He especially uncovers old burdens healing in the process. Cancer opens up, too. Sex is an escape from stresses. 

PISCES MAN/ LEO WOMAN: He's a mystery she's keen to uncover. Resolute, she pursues with a frightening intensity. Together, natural aptitudes turn a profit -everything is accomplished her way. Lovemaking moves at Leo's fast pace.

PISCES MAN/ VIRGO WOMAN: Virgo is body-snatched by persuasive Pisces guy. Separating themselves from everyone, this pair is precariously complacent-laziness is often their undoing. In bed, she'll begin to expect the unexpected.

PISCES MAN/ LIBRA WOMAN: Pisces is the maestro orchestrating Libra's life, perhaps with a heavy hand. She can't resist his inspiration, she's his muse. Best-case scenario:  Their collaborations become classics. Sex is an ecstatic exploration of the senses.

PISCES MAN/ SCORPIO WOMAN:  It seems something's being kept hidden, they're a confident, conscientious couple with big dreams they intend to realize. In bed, decorum is their default demeanor . Sex is subdued, but never standard.

PISCES MAN/ SAGITTARIUS WOMAN: Each requires some solitude to survive this busy bond. Liberation might be their modus operandi; everything else is secondary. Pisces reassures Sag of her sex appeal . She finds new ways to get him going.

PISCES MAN/ CAPRICORN WOMAN: At its core, a friendship founded on fondness and respect. Thick as thieves, they're protective of each other, fiercely loyal and endlessly understanding: Capricorn, especially, serves as "savior" to Pisces. Naturally, sex is tender.

PISCES MAN/ AQUARIUS WOMAN: A fast and furious courtship for this couple. Beneath slick exteriors lie deeply soulful individuals seeking a source of inspiration. Their sex life such profundity-in bed they  move as if possessed, even hexed.

PISCES MAN/ PISCES WOMAN: A dizzying dynamic. Fate seems to have brought them together. Sometimes they stagger toward goals, but they usually arrive. Life is heightened-a too emotional approach is  a possible pitfall. In bed, foreplay is foremost.

                                                    PISCES WOMAN

PISCES WOMAN/ ARIES MAN: He's  found that ultimately demure damsel-few are so willing to be swept off their feet. Subconsciously, she seeks to smother him. Still, they settle into an easy give-and take. Sex is tender.

PISCES WOMAN/ TAURUS  MAN: She's the uber-feminine of his fantasies. His instant devotion is all the proof she needs: He's "the one" Harmony is in the stars. Their sexual desire is pressing-each pleases and pampers the other.

PISCES WOMAN/ GEMINI MAN: They share a classy, cosmopolitan sensibility, a worldliness that allows them to live large, beyond the status quo. A divide-and conquer approach to career means they often make it big. In bed, she's a queen.

PISCES WOMAN/ CANCER MAN: Two sensitive  souls with acutely creative spirits. With him, she delves into a vocation, inching closer to goals. HE transcends lingering emotional limitations. Bed is their messy center of activity.

PISCES WOMAN/ LEO MAN: She's their spiritual barometer; he keeps the romance rolling. Emotionally, she under writes his quest for professional power. Their bond affords a dose of detachment from others. In bed, Pisces is his estimable goddess.

PISCES WOMAN/ VIRGO MAN: They fall head over heels, oblivious to any obstacles. But personality flaws manifest madly; it's often a murky, illusory existence. Sexually, he puts her on a pedestal-the fall which is steep.

PISCES WOMAN/LIBRA MAN: A wispy-waifish pair, predisposed to emotional sensitivity. They may drift into adverse behaviors, prone to hypochondria and procrastination. A profound connection produces works of art. Sex is a way to escape.

PISCES WOMAN/ SCORPIO MAN: They'll experience sweeping highs and lows-everything is an issue. Living with him often means being displaced. He lands more lucrative position with her on hand. Sex feels like sparring; the rumble raucous.

PISCES WOMAN/ SAGITTARIUS MAN: From the start, they enjoy an unspoken understanding. Both  know: it's time to stop running from love. Bohemianism is their mode-she's a gypsy at heart: Sag trades his bowler for a beret. Sex is mess, unfussy, fabulous.

PISCES WOMAN/ CAPRICORN MAN: It begins a t best friendship-they inspire each  other's wildest dreams. Pisces must keep her misty eyes wide open; he relies on her to be their collective conscience. Cap's mission: to gratify the ravenous Piscean lover.

PISCES WOMAN/ AQUARIUS MAN: Restoration and atonement are the keys to this committed bond. Compensation is due-emotionally and financially, life pay them back in full. Sexually, too, they're making up for any losses.

PISCES WOMAN/ PISCES MAN: A dizzying dynamic. Fate seems to have brought them together. Sometimes they stagger toward goals, but they often arrive. Life is heightened-a too emotional approach is a possible pitfall. In bed, foreplay is foremost. 

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