Sunday, April 18, 2010

Astrology for Canine's ( What month your dog was born says a lot about their behavior?)

ARIES DOG: 21 MARCH- 20 APRIL- Fiery, dynamic character; high energy, risk-taker; rebellious; competes for affection; leaps at postal workers; enjoys playing with humans; fights; sense of superiority, physically strong.

TAURUS DOG: 21 APRIL -20 MAY- Affectionate; peaceful; would travel miles to find owner; loves sleep and comfort; ;eager to please; loves routine; loathes change; melodious voice smells flowers.

GEMINI DOG : 21 MAY -21 JUNE -Super alert; loves to be talked to; inquisitive ; hates to be leashed; busy; fun-loving; enjoys people;  not demonstrative; high-strung; good at doing tricks.

CANCER DOG: 22 JUNE -23 JULY- Thrives on affection; noble nature; sits at owners feet; has rich fantasy; can be silly; nips at arrival; loves to lick; great parent.

LEO DOG : 24 JULY- AUG 23- Proud bestow glorious love on owner; barks a lot; holds grudges; dislikes strangers in home ; loves sunsets walks; good at tricks.

VIRGO DOG: 24 AUG -SEPT 23- Excels in master-dog relationship; attention to detail ; well-groomed; enjoys routine; rarely demonstrative; prefers quiet life; senses  if something a miss; soft hearted; curious; fussy eater.

LIBRA DOG : 24 SEPT-OCT 23- Popular; stylish; loves being seen with owner; unpredictable ; has sweet tooth; prefers leisure and companionship to work; occasionally prone to foolish behavior.

SCORPIO DOG : 24 OCT - NOV 22-" Command" presence-rarely has to fight, hard to read; forms strong bond with owner; nurses hurts; protective to children; hardy.

SAGITTARIUS: 23 NOV-DEC 22-Fun-loving; makes people laugh; a charming wanderer; loathes being tied down; loves showing off; exuberant; contemplative; can seem human; enjoys music; easily music; easily side -tracked.

CAPRICORN : 23 DEC- 20 JAN - Takes relationship with owner seriously; avoids risk; cool in a crisis; purposeful; purposeful; great zest for life; fabulous memory; undemanding; needs to feel wanted.

AQUARIUS: 20 JAN -19 FEB- Rugged individualist; life is a continual experiment; freedom-loving; not cuddly; easily bored; cheers up owners; hearty appetites; befriends all types of humans and creatures.

PISCES : 20 FEB - MARCH 20-Dependent on owner's love; has big highs and lows; gentle and intuitive; flees when stressed; adores the outdoors; enjoys watching TV.

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