Friday, July 8, 2011

How To Attract A Rich Man

How To Attract A Rich Man With Feng Shui

To all you single ladies if you looking to attract a rich man place a statue of the  Greek Goddess Astarte in your bedroom. This will also help you in the area of sex. You will be become irresistible in the bedroom.

If you can not find a statue of Astarte, you can substitute it with a picture of Astarte or a picture of Aphrodite.

If you are currently in a relationship or married and you want to reconnect with your mate, having this statue will improve your sexual relationship.  You will find that he will only have eyes for you!

Astarte ( "Astártē") connected with fertilitysexuality, and war. Her symbols were the lion, the horse, the sphinx, the dove, and star within a circle indicating the planet Venus. Pictorial representations often show her naked.

Aphrodite is the other name for the Goddess Astarte

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