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CAPRICORN-Who Are Sexually Compatible With?

CAPRICORN-This sign is the true perfectionist.  They believe you can never be too good, and will keep trying to they get it right. Capricorn Man looks for a mate that has traditional values, and is comfortable being the woman behind the man.  She must be ready to entertain his clients, and be a domestic goddess.Capricorn Woman she does not fall in love to easily, but when she fall for a man she is searching for a man with creative intelligence and strong inner self. He must be commited to her 110 percent, or she will not tolerate it.

                                 CAPRICORN MAN

CAPRICORN MAN/ ARIES WOMAN: If looking for complication, she'll connect with complex Capricorn.  A messy match-dramatic, chaotic, unclear.  Extreme fantasies are comfortably expressed: gender bending, swappin, or S&M may be status quo.

CAPRICORN MAN/TAURUS WOMAN: He often keeps his women undercover-not so now: She's a classy piece of arm candy. She exists to creat a stable environment in which he might thrive. Life together is haute everything: Only the best will do.

CAPRICORN MAN/ GEMINI WOMAN:  From start , they seem set on different speeds- he's slow; she's swift. At best , they help each other adjust to a more moderate pace. Sexually, she feels snubbed.; but he's dreaming up ways to draw out her desire.

CAPRICORN MAN/ CANCER WOMAN: A first, mind-blowing sexual encounter paves the way for a commiserative bond-whether as carnal cohorts or something more commited. Erotic activity borders on extreme-strange, rough sex is standard.

CAPRICORN MAN/ LEO WOMAN: Two precocious  characters whose individual independence dwindles once they're a duo. He is especially possessesive. In bed, it's "dirty" , perhaps more daring than either would venture with another. Worship is the key word.

CAPRICORN MAN/  VIRGO WOMAN: They have a plan: to work as a team, to prosper, to live in relative luxury. They play house, taking traditional roles. Sex is rarel a focus. Surprisingly,  in some cases, the marriage is comfortably "open".

CAPRICORN MAN/ LIBRA WOMAN:  Forming a culture club of two, these characters draw up their own design living, often passionately participating in the worlds of fashion, art, or media. Their sex lifle, through secondary, is equally progressive.

CAPRICORN MAN/ SCORPIO WOMAN:  Slowly, she insinuates her way into his life- once having gained entry, they're inseparable. She takes over, which suits his armchair approach to living: he' s the primadonna. In bed, too, he's happy to hang back.

CAPRICORN MAN/ SAGITTARIUS WOMAN: Slick Sag and classy Cap are drawn to the best circles in society, smoothl and successfully threading their way through the social fabric of their choosing. In bed, they're brassy and no-holds barred.

CAPRICORN MAN/ CAPRICORN WOMAN: Two old solds. They're a handsome couple with refined tastes, sharing a somewhat superior self-perception. Her set-in-stone values may cause him some consternation. Sex is slow and steady; they're respectful, even courteous.

CAPRICORN MAN/ AQUARIUS WOMAN: They may be explosive in each others company, thus overly conscious of not instigating a scene. Still, there's plenty of hilarity here. In bed, emotionaly intensity is put to its best use: Sex is ardent and unruly.

CAPRICORN MAN/ PISCES WOMAN: It begins as best friends-they inspire each other's wildest dreams. Pisces must keep her misty eyes wide-open; he relies on her to be their collective conscience. Cap's mission: to gratify the ravenous Piscean lover.

                                                  CAPRICORN WOMAN

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ ARIES MAN: A rare pair. Her unrelenting faith plus his fighting spirit means life is lived like a crusade. Still, independence is their mutual mantra. Sexually, Cap is less hesitant with him. Indeed, she submits to his will.

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ TAURUS MAN: Each finds a counterpart capable of true love. Still, through these earth signs are emotionally aligned-feathers rarely ruffle-she ,thinking he'll stray, imposes restrictions. In bed, clearer communication is called for.

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ GEMINI MAN:  Cap is a conquest for Gemini, for the Goat, he's a guilty pleasure in her otherwise serious existence. Still, they share an interest in all things au courant  - fashion, news, culture. In bed, she takes control-he's not complaining.

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ CANCER MAN: He's tje Eagle scout of her dreams: she's that perfect, post modern beauty. These astro-opposites are often ideal counterparts, easily finding a comfortabe, conducive middle way. Sex is a slow process of chippin away at constraints.

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ LEO MAN: Often a snobbish" power" sign pair. They share traditional values , and oldfashioned work ethic. Still, as they're emotionally dissimilar, disappointment develops-she's capriciousness; he expects compliance. Sexually, it's cozy, but careful.

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ VIRGO MAN: He's hot in cool Cap's presence. She's her own muse- a self-preservational package deal. Together, they pursue educational and cultural interests. In bed, this pair forms one fetishistic force-their routine is raunchy.

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ LIBRA MAN: A contradiction- a harrowing emotional seesaw, a transcedent experience.  A need for social status masks insecurities; success seems a way to overcome the past. In bed, there's baggage. But with time, the load is lightened.

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ SCORPIO MAN: He vows to make her a better life, ease her stresses, and see her succeed. She's jos steadfast confident. Sex is most satisfying on the heels of a n intense argument or inspired conversation. A mysterious mix.

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ SAGITTARIUS MAN: A glamorous pair with an iconic allure that both impresses and intimidates anyone outside their social set. Still, the focus is inward and their home is a cozy cocoon. In bed, though, it's down and very dirty.

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ CAPRICORN MAN: Two old souls. They're a handsome couple with refined tastes, sharing a somewhat superior self-perception. Her set-in-stone values may cause him some consternation. Sex is slow and steady; they're respectful , even courteous.

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ AQUARIUS MAN: They fuse into a package deal f practicality and purpose. Still, Cap won't sacrifice her own objectives. They are notoriously accomplished. In bed, it's an ongoing master class- student and teacher roles are rotated. 

CAPRICORN WOMAN/ PISCES MAN: At it's core,  a friendship founded on fondness and respect. Thick as thieves, they're protective of each other, fiercely loyal, and endlessly understanding: Capricorn , especially, serves as "savior" to Pisces. Naturally, sex is tender.

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