Monday, November 15, 2010

The Money Game

The Money Game

To start the flow of money into your experience, you need to feel comfortable with receiving and spending money.  This means that you need to believe you that you will always have money; therefore it is ok to spend money. Remember there is always enough money to go around for everyone; so do not feel greedy that you are taking money from someone else. Money is energy, not an object.

Here is an easy game you can play, which is easy to follow. You can stop and start this game at anytime there are limited rules.  The longer you play the more money will start flowing into your life.

Here is how you play:

Old check book and register or an accounting program (Quicken or Microsoft Money)

You can use a computer with Internet access; a store catalogs or you can go window-shopping.

On the first day you start with a deposit of $1000.00. You need to spend this $1000.00 without ever overdrawing your account. You make an entry in your checkbook register or in your accounting program for every deposit and withdrawal you make. Each day you make a deposit like so.

Day 1 $1000.00
Day 2 $2000.00
Day 30 $30000.00
Day 300  $300000.00

Remember you must spend money every day, can leave only $10.00 or 0.00 in the account everyday.  You will notice the longer that you play this game; you must be creative how you want to spend your money.  You will learn to expand your thinking; you can buy anything you like. You start to feel comfortable having a lot of money, and also you will be comfortable spending money as well.  You will know how it feels to be wealthy!

If you play this game for year without stopping you have spent over $60 million dollars. Amazing isn’t it!

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