Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Best SEXUAL POSITIONS by Zodiac Sign

Sex. There are a zillion ways to do it, right? But what works for one person may not work for another. If you want to make the most of your time between the sheets (or on the floor, or in the shower, or wherever else you dare to do it!), astrology can help. A quick check of the elements (earth, air, fire water) and your sun sign can give you insight.

If you want a more indepth look, remember to check the placement of you and your lover's Mars (which rules sex) as well as your Sun signs in your astrological charts. That way, you'll get the most - ahem - bang for your buck. 

Air Signs
GeminiLibrand Aquarius are some of the most fickle lovers in the zodiac. That doesn't mean they stray - in fact, when they're in love they're as committed as almost any other mate (and those who are more committed can border on co-dependent, so if you're with an Air Sign, count your blessings!). However, a healthy dose of fantasy does go a long way with these heady types. Now this doesn't mean they want to be with anyone other than the lover they're with, it simply means that positions which invite the use of a little imagination (to whatever end) are sure to get them off!
So, if you're an Air Sign (or want to please one), give "reverse cowgirl" or the "sit down" position a go. Both of these require one partner to be on top of the other, facing in the opposite direction - so the bottom partner gets a view from behind. "Sit down" (wherein the passive partner lays back, legs up bicycle style), is a bit more acrobatic. Hence, flexible types may be in for a treat! Both positions offer unique stimulation for each partner and invite a little adventure without intense eye to eye contact. Maybe not ideal for those sessions when you're wanting to connect, but a great time when the lover on top wants to feel but not see and the bottom person wants a show!
Earth Signs
TaurusVirgo and Capricorn are sensual lovers, this much is true. If anyone is going to get down and dirty, rooted in the moment with no awareness of any time other than the one they're in during sex, it's these earthy individuals. As such, they tend to enjoy athletic sex, and anything that keeps them fully engaged is sure to make their toes tingle.
So, if you're an Earth Sign (or you're doing the deed with one), try having sex standing up. Whether with one partner up against a wall (legs wrapped around their lovers waist) or - more challenging, but potentially more rewarding - inverted with the straddling partner bent backward, hands on the ground, the athleticism will be sure to engage your Earth Sign. And the bonus is that the unique angle will be sure to give both partners an unforgettable sensual experience!
Water Signs
If any element is known for deep sexual intensity, it's the Water Signs. Everyone knows Scorpio is a sexual stinger, but the same is true ofPisces (who can get lost in their lovers) and Cancer (who seeks out partners that will crack their shells). What these watery ones have in common is a desire for emotional connection via sexual pleasure. Water Signs want to plumb the depths in the bedroom - and beyond.
As such, if you're aiming to seduce a Water Sign (or looking for a new way to satisfy yourself as a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio), then "Coital Alignment Technique" is for you. The main focus here is maximum stimulation for both partners - inside and out where experts claim simultaneous orgasm is more likely with this position than any other. Just remember, intense experience is the key for Water Signs.
To give CAT a try, start with missionary position, but allow the top partner to put all their weight into their pelvis. The bottom partner should wrap their legs around the top, ankles resting on their calves. Bored with the basics? Try "Starfish," where both partners lie back with heads in opposite directions, legs in scissor position, for a similar effect.
Fire Signs
On the other hand, animalistic is the order of the day for fierce AriesLeo and Sagittarius - and seducing a Fire Sign (or attaining maximum sexual pleasure if you are one) comes from a sense of adventure… perhaps even aggression. If Earth Signs like athletic sex, Fire Signs like an actual conquest. They want to win at everything - and sex is no different. As such, imploring the techniques of triumph are the way to a Fire Sign's heart - and orgasm!
What does this mean? If you want to play with fire (whatever your side of the game), two positions will produce sure-fire sparks: "doggy style" (especially for men) and "woman on top" (especially for women). Think about it - the key with Fire Signs is putting them in a power position. Whether it's to be on display (Leo women may be particularly fond of getting in the saddle), to watch yourself dominate (Aries men are especially fond of taking their mates from behind), or to be dominated so you can get a taste of the other side (Sagittarius, afterall, is the zodiac's adventurer), some combination of these two postures will be sure to keep the embers burning.

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