Saturday, August 7, 2010

Affirmations - When, how, and How Many Affirmations?


Affirmations should be positive, in the present tense, and use everyday language. Always focus on the state desired, and leave out the negative aspects of what you seek to change. Affirmations take some time to be effective, and are used to counter act negative traits you affirm, as well as create positive traits you desire.
Affirmations are an innate aspect of humane nature, and have been used since we had language. Its simply something you say to yourself that confirms your current emotional state.
We can use affirmations to create wealth, be successful, and accomplish any goal. We use affirmations to build our self-esteem, increase positive aspects of our self-image, and become more secure within our self. We use affirmations to help us get rid of anxiety, anger, or depression and to relieve. We can also use them to control our fear, and instill courage. Affirmations are used by therapists, success gurus, and in all areas of self-help, personal growth, and self improvement.
So let us presume you're ready to start the entire process, you've identified the negatively charged affirmations you repeat to yourself daily, you've created alternative positively charged affirmations, and you want some information and guidance about HOW to use them.
When it comes to the daily repeated negative affirmations there's a different technique than when you're trying to instill a trait you do not currently posses. I'd like to go over the exact method that is most accurate, precise, and more importantly, efficient. What we are trying and will accomplish, is to target your sub-conscious mind into creating states you desire by erasing the negative, and or creating positive experiences.
First thing Id like to clear up, is that there are no 'right' ways, and everyone can do this differently. In fact I suggest you dabble and find out whats the most comfortable manner for you to use your affirmations. As a rule of thumb, write down, in two lists, the affirmations you'd like to counter, and the affirmations you'd like to use.
As a matter of fact, you can use three lists if you would like to be the most efficient. One list contains the negatively charged affirmations you have become aware of, the second list contains the positively charged counter acting affirmations, and the third list contains positive affirmations persisting to the traits you would like to instill in yourself.
Now that you have three lists, I'd like to let you in on a little secret. Your sub-conscious is overloaded or overwhelmed with data everyday. It basically tries figure out what is garbage and what isn't. Psychologists say you have to repeat an affirmation three times for it to get into your sub-conscious effectively.
My point is that you shouldnt be spitting out affirmations left and right, confusing your sub-conscious. What you want to do is 'focus-fire' your affirmations. Prioritize which traits are most detrimental to your life and mental health. Target these four to six traits, and use your positively charged affirmations to remedy them.
After you've taken care of your negative traits four to six at a time, move on to positive traits youd like to instill. The underlying assumption is that your subconscious is overloaded, and by focusing on just a few at a time it's more effective.
Speaking from experience, the first time I researched and bought books about psychology, affirmations, and self help, I thought it was a load of cow crap and I could handle the massive list of affirmations I created. I used self hypnosis, self created audio CDs with relaxing music and my own voice spewing dozens of affirmations, and it had little effect. I quit for a while and then went back to it after my business was in trouble, but this time I followed the rules.
Using four to five at a time I tackled laziness, over eating, and mild forms of depression like anxiety and immobilization. My business succeeded and here I am today trying to spread the wealth. Next time I'll inform all of you how to create your own hypnosis scripts, using affirmations targeted specifically for you! 

Until next time then! I hope to see you in the lands of success and happiness! 

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