Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love Spell
to reunite Lovers




PreparationPrepare for the ritual. In order for the ritual to be effective, you must perform it by yourself. Take a shower, without soap, and wash or shower your face 7 times, by wiping from your chin to the back of your head. Dry off carefully and wear exclusively white clothing. Remove any jewelry.
While performing the following steps, think intensely about your desired partner and concentrate on the wonderful future you can have together. Avoid any interruptions, such as telephone or the like. Concentrate entirely on the spell and avoid any negative thoughts.
IngredientsA photo of your loved one7 teaspoons chamomile (from the health food store)A cooking pot3 Quarts waterA wooden cooking spoon7 teaspoons baking soda14 tea lights
Performing the Love Spell:This love spell is done in the bathroom. You need a sink in which you can collect water (one with a plug). The love spell claims to be more effective during a time when the loved one is probably sleeping. Light 7 candles each in the kitchen and in the bathroom and eliminate all background noises such as television or music since you must fully concentrate.
Step 1:
Fasten the picture of your loved one at eye-height over the sink.
Step 2: Boil 3 Quarts of water, add 7 teaspoons chamomile and let boil for 7 minutes. Take the pot off the flame and stir 30 minutes with the wooden cooking spoon. Use this time to mentally tune into your lost partner. Try to meditate.
Step 3:
After 30 minutes, pour the contents of the cooking pot into the plugged sink Add 7 teaspoons baking soda.
Step 4: 
Stand in front of the sink and hold your hands out, palms down, over the water. Look at the picture of your loved one (which you have fastened over the sink) and bring this picture into your thoughts. Close your eyes and let energy build up in your body. This energy builds in your solar plexus, just under your sternum. Wish very strongly that your lost partner finds his/her way back to you. Find words for your wishes and say them to yourself over and over. Imagine how this energy penetrates the aura of your sleeping loved one and transmits your desires. You will notice after a while that you are in a meditating trance. There is no definite time for this spell, and you will feel by yourself when the right time is to open the plug in the sink. As the water drains from the sink, your energy transmits into the aura of your loved one. Keep raising the energy in your solar plexus especially while the water drains, concentrate on your desire and keep your eyes closed.
Step 5:
Open your eyes and rinse the sink with clear water.
Fix your thoughts on your loved one as he/she is sleeping and your energy as it penetrates into their aura.
Important Hint: As you extinguish the candle, also extinguish all thoughts towards your loved one, the spell and all related thoughts. It is very important, as in all love spells, to not talk to any one else about them and let your thoughts rest after completion of the spell.
Do not try to contact your loved one to see if the spell was effective (this is very important). Allow time for the spell to work and you will see how your lost partner returns by themselves.

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