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Pisces Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Pisces is Cancer / Taurus.
The most compatible Father for Pisces is Scorpio / Aries.
Pisces Kids - Sensitive Tots
These very sensitive children learn almost from birth to absorb others feelings and assume it is their own.The most intuitive sign of the zodiac. With so much emotions surging through them, they are often scared. They are so creative, they can create worlds that are safer than this one to live in. Fearful of many things, from monsters in the closet to loud noises these children need to learn to take risks.
Natural born counselors, Pisces will comfort anyone in the slightest bit of emotional or physical pain. Teach them to take care of themselves the way they help others. If they get to drained, they often retreat into fantasy worlds.
Music and the creative arts will allow the Pisces child to retreat into a more structured environment rather than living in a dream world. Check out the friends of these children. Many times because of their sensitive nature, they are taken advantage of by the stronger types.
Teach these children about practical matters, such as chores and finishing what they start. They need to learn grounding, otherwise the temptation to live in anything but reality will become strong. Without a lot of directed actives, they can flit from one thing to another.

Birth - 6 months
Vulnerable. Soft and cuddly.Charming and dreamy. Adaptable. Enjoys the company of others but will withdraw periodically into his own little dream world. Needs space to be alone with his thoughts.Sensitive, and will pick up on the moods and emotions around him. Frightens and startles easily and needs gentle handling. Enjoys music and being rocked. Needs attention and plenty of physical and verbal affection. Doesn’t like to be ignored or forgotten.

6-18 months
Fears strangers and will withdraw if approached. Loves nature and all living things and will enjoy being outside as much as possible.Would benefit from early lessons in swimming as this little one will have a fascination for water and enjoy all sorts of water play.Enjoys music both as a listener and making music of her own.Sensitive and compassionate.Charming and very social.Plenty of attention, affection and touch should be provided both constantly and consistently.
18 months-3 years
Intuition is developing, along with the imagination and fantasy. Imaginary friends can be quite a positive influence as it can provide an outlet which allows her to explore and express different parts of her personality. It is best to harness this energy and encourage its positive expression.Music and art becoming more important and his creativity can really begin to blossom if encouraged.Do not put him down but encourage his positive behaviour whenever possible.
 3-6 years
Dreamy and rebellious. Constantly trying out new roles and behaviours.Can be erratic and experience major mood/personality swings as he tries to define who he is.Still seeking comfort in fantasy and may continually challenge ‘reality’.He is curious, bright and very much in tune with the world around him. Although she can be fascinated with the subjects of God and death.Empathetic and compassionate and can be easily upset by cruelty or injustice.

Aquarius Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Aquarius is Aquarius / Pisces.
The most compatible Father for Aquarius is Libra /Gemini.
Aquarius Kids - Weird Brains
These children seem strange and a little weird. Being different is their specialty. It can be in dress, thought or behavior. These children are inventors and creators. They need more freedom than any other sign. Computers can be of great value early in life to these children. They seem to be intrigued by any type of technology. Being dramatic and spontaneous are their nature. If these children become bored with routine, be aware that they might stir up trouble just to keep drama and excitement going in their lives.
Humanitarian is the keyword for Aquarius. They will be charitable to all people and animals. They think globally. They want to do what is good for mankind. Rather cold in nature, Aquarius do not require much affection or attention. They can be rather impersonal and uncaring to people .
They do have trouble committing to people or projects. They need to be taught to stick with things until completion. They make friends easily. Just do not let them discard the friends as easily. When they reach the teenage years, watch out! Teach them early to honor all people, not just to honor group beliefs and norms so they will then become both humanitarians and care for people individually.

Birth - 6 months
Bright and lively.Alert and responds well to people and objects.Short attention span, easily distracted.Loves surprise.Gentle . Doesn’t like physical restriction, this includes clothing or bedding.Likes being talked to and interacting with others.Enjoys sensory stimulation.
6-18 months
Becoming increasingly interested in surroundings.Curious and restless.Has little sense of danger and needs to be watched to avoid accidents and mishaps from curiosity.May walk and talk early.Needs plenty of open space, stimulation, supervision, reassurance that there is someone near and quiet time.
18 months-3 years
Curiosity increases. Analytical minds kicks in and the child needs to know and understand how everything fits together. Puzzles would be a good plaything during this stage.Becoming more social and will enjoy interacting with peers.Behaviour can become unpredictable.Toilet training can be a difficult time, try to take a logical approach rather than emotive.At this stage the child needs brief but clear explanations.
 3-6 years
Will revel in pre- school as he becomes more socially orientated. Is increasingly curious and may become restless and unruly unless there is enough mental stimulation. At this age your little one needs to mix with the peer group, brief explanations, choices and options, attention and to feel included, quiet time, understanding and again few but firm boundaries.Still fears restriction or confinement and being excluded or isolated.

Capricorn Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Capricorn is Capricorn / Cancer.
The most compatible Father for Capricorn is Taurus / Virgo.

Capricorn Kids - Most serious type of the Zodiacs
One of the most serious of all the zodiacs. These children appear to be grown up at a very early age. They do become more comfortable as adults than as children. They seem to become younger as they age. They look very young when they are older. They have a difficult time having fun. They see homework and work in general more fun then playing.
Even though they can be trusted to baby-sit or cook dinner, they need to be encouraged to add a little emotions to their desire to be successful and responsible in life. These children will put themselves on a schedule if you do not. They are very ambitious, practical and hard working. The Capricorn child is very good with their money and learn at an early age the value of money.
Capricorns love anything old and traditional. They are very good at the holidays and love the routine of year after year rituals, planning and decorating.They can be very sarcastic and laugh at the worst conditions of life. Depression is a major problem for these children. They work toward perfectionism and get very disappointed when they cannot achieve it.
Encourage them to be children when they are young. Teach them the value of playing and having fun.If depression becomes too much of a problem, later in life these Capricorns can have drinking problems to cover their depression. Generally, these children will be very ambitious and successful. They must learn there is more to life than just working.

Birth - 6 months
.Cuddly . Shy and reserved. Meets gaze head on from a very early age . May stiffen or become rigid if he feels threatened or insecure.Very affectionate and responsive.Enjoys cuddles, being in close contact with parents, feeling secure.Doesn’t like feeling helpless.
6-18 months
Bright and curious.Loves to do things, particularly imitating adults around her.Will want to feed himself as soon as he is able.Will enjoy helping to put away his own toys and clothes.Loves to spend time outdoors.Will begin climbing as soon as she is mobile enough.Needs encouragement to play and explore.Enjoys, attention and being taken seriously, reassurance.
18 months-3 years
Curious.Seeks information on people, work, old things and will begin to develop an interest in history, commencing with his own family.Observant. Requires explanations.Usually obedient but can display occasional rebelliousness. Enjoys, explanations, reasons, firm rules, forgiveness, kindness, help in expressing emotions.Doesn’t like, being alone, too much responsibility.
 3-6 years
Developing his “adult’ skills, may alternate between being bossy, critical, judgemental and small, helpless and frustrated. Intensity and seriousness become even more prominent.His increased sense of responsibility may tempt adults to place more than his share of responsibility on him. The Capricorn child is by nature a sweet and gentle being .Enjoys, information, honesty, help when needed, security, understanding the rules, boundaries and limits, to feel useful.Doesn’t like, lack of assistance, having to ask for help, feeling abandoned.

Sagittarius Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Sagittarius is Sagittarius /Libra.
The most compatible Father for Sagittarius is Aries /Leo.
Sagittarius Kids - Sporty Kids
They are the fun loving children of the zodiac. These children are enthusiastic, optimistic and generally happy.They are very active physically and mentally.These children often love school and the process of learning. They have a keen appreciation of philosophy and religion at an early age. They definitely have their own idea of what is the truth and love to tell the world. The Sagittarius child will argue when your theory does not match theirs.
Traveling is a must for these children. From an early age until old age they will be traveling to foreign countries and seeing the world. They love to meet people of different cultures and talk about different beliefs. They easily adapt to different cultures and ways of living. Often seen in libraries and museums in search of learning something new.
Very generous and friendly, they love life and people. They are so honest, that they can be tactless. They do not mean to hurt others, they are just telling the truth.These children are not often interested in doing chores or homework because they do not look like something that would be fun.They can procrastinate better than any other sign. They become bored easily and are into so many things, that nothing ever gets finished. They have to be shown the value of responsibility and completing tasks.
These children love sports and should be encouraged to participate, as well as, watch others playing.Give them enough freedom of choice or they will fight you just to be their own person. Teach them tact and what will hurt others.

Birth - 6 months
Alert and cheerful.
Squirmy and restless.
Either sleeping or in perpetual motion.
Happy and playful.
Able to keep himself and those around him amused.
Needs the company of others.
May cry if left alone.
Will sleep better if in a room where he can hear familiar voices.
Enjoys story telling
6-18 months
Curious and restless.
Develops a fascination with fire at this age.
Enjoys travelling away from home.
Very curious and willing to learn new skills as well as just learning.
Loves listening to stories and is already developing a wonderful imagination.
Enjoys a variety of physical activities.

18 months-3 years
Becoming more outgoing and independent.
Playful, brave and reckless.
Curious and inquisitive.
Discovers “why” and expects the answers.
Becomes curious about God and religion.
Can become rebellious and is eager to try new things.
Very creative with a rich fantasy life.
Can be very untidy.

 3-6 years
Sagittarian preschooler is friendly, outgoing, flamboyant and passionate.
Can be confident but at the same time fearful.
Attention span can be short with a need for variety.
Extremely restless and curious.
May have difficulty differentiating between reality and fantasy.
Daydreams and becomes very good at story telling.
This little one has no difficulty in adapting to school and is usually very keen.
His natural charm and friendliness makes him popular at school.
His curiosity and keenness to learn make the early years of schooling easy.

Scorpio Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Scorpio is Scorpio / Virgo.
The most compatible Father for Scorpio is Pisces / Cancer.
Scorpio Kids - Detective minds
If a Scorpio tells you one of his secrets, then he is giving you one of theirmost prized possessions. Feel honored with this gift. These children are the most intense of all the zodiac. Scorpios will not let anything go until they get to the bottom of an issue. This sign makes great detectives. They love puzzles of all kinds. Give them a mystery book and they will love you forever.
They can be very emotional either in love or anger. These children are the extremist of the zodiac. If they put their mind to it, they can be very powerful and get anything they want if they do it with power and not anger. As a parent, it is important to not allow them to manipulate others into getting what they want. They can hurt others just to get their way.
These children rarely get ill. If they do get sick, they recover very quickly. Pain is not a problem for them. They move through physical pain quickly When angered, they can be very revengeful. They do not often let go of real or perceived hurts from others. If allowed to be too secretive, this child could be without friends.
Give these children a physical as well as mental outlet for their energy. Get to know these difficult children by finding what they are they most passionate about. They can be very, very stubborn and difficult to work with. Do not give up, it will be well worth it. They need people to rely even though they make act as if they need no one.

Birth - 6 months

Serious and Intense.
Cautious and self contained.
Doesn’t like to be tickled.
Needs unconditional love.
Likes routine and doesn’t like surprises.
Needs affection and cuddles, but on his own terms.
Needs to feel safe and protected.

6-18 months
Becoming aware of his surroundings and looking to understand how things.
Enjoys water play.
Likes games that involve fitting shapes, colours etc together.
Begins to discover fun things that others find distasteful.
Needs approval and permission to get dirty.
Need for privacy increases.
This child will not enjoy being laughed at, even at this tender age.
18 months-3 years
Increasingly sensitive.
May appear sulky but is showing an increased need for privacy.
Can be a
late talker.
Will begin to test her power and the boundaries.
Can become stubborn and the word “no” occurs commonly.
May ask awkward questions about sex and death.
Needs honesty and age- appropriate answers to questions
 3-6 years
Continues to exhibit intensity and volatility.Needs your reassurance.This can be a difficult time for both parent and child as he really needs to know that he is loved and while he will relish the comfort of a hug will not seek it and may in fact try to push you away. Patience is a key word for parents at this stage mixed with perseverance. This little one needs rules and discipline. Rules that are fair and designed to keep him safe and discipline that is reasonable. He needs above all to feel loved and approved of, for himself - no matter what he tries.

Libra Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Libra is Gemini /Libra.
The most compatible Father for Libra is Aquarius /Leo.

Virgo Kids - Indecisive and Diplomatic Ones
They cannot make up their minds. They have the ability to see both sides of an issue, so choosing is very difficult for them. Teach your child he must learn to make decisions.Charming and polite, they are easy to be with most of the time. They do not often want to be without people. The earlier you can start them in social situations the better. These children are very artistic and love beauty and art of all kinds.
Do not allow them to be lazy, which is their natural inclination. Artistic and musical pursuits will help eliminate this problem. . This child needs to be around people and has many friends. Parents, do not allow your child to make promises they will not keep.
Libras can spend so much time trying to be charming and looking good that they do not say what they really want. This leads them to wild outburst of anger. Teach them to be honest and to ask for what they want. Not everyone can be liked by everyone else. They make people feel wonderful and comfortable. They make the best diplomats and most people just feel good in their company.

Birth - 6 months
Delightful baby, easy to please.
Enjoys being with people and is very attentive.
Doesn’t like being alone.
Needs routine.
Likes to feel comfortable.
Needs plenty of visual and auditory stimulation.

6-18 months
Becoming more and more social.
Prefers to have neatness and calm around him.
Likely to begin verbal communication quite early.
Learning all about making choices and needs time to make them.
Prefers strong physical support.
Requires clothes that look nice but allow freedom of movement.
Doesn’t like any form of physical restriction.

18 months-3 years
Desire for social interaction is increasing.
Shows concern about his appearance and begins comparing self to others.
Developing sense of values and what is and isn’t fair.
Increasingly aware and curious about relationships.
Will have a stock of favourites: clothes, toys, stories, songs etc.
He needs continual encouragement in the area of decision making .

 3-6 years
Exploring and experimenting with different social roles.
Becoming more aware of the dynamics in relationships.
Will start to experiment with story telling.
Begins classifying things and people as better or worse than.
Will begin looking to others to make decisions for him/her.
Also very interested in the rules and correct way of doing things.

Needs help in distinguishing the grey areas in life.
Needs firm boundaries and continuing assistance with making choices.

Virgo Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Virgo is Virgo /Libra.
The most compatible Father for Virgo is Taurus /Capricorn.
Virgo Kids - The Perfectionists
Here are the perfectionists.Great at organizing anything, from their toys to the table. No detail is missed by our Virgo children. They can be extreme in their behavior. You often see very neat and tidy Virgos on one end of the scale and slobs on the other end.
These children are very good at taking care of others. They are very happy when they can help another person. Nothing makes them happier than to take care of sick people and animals. Make sure they do not serve others to such an extent they give up their own needs.Very good with their hands, they can fix anything that breaks.
Virgos can be great writers and communicators if they are not too shy or scared. Virgo child can be very critical and analytical. Make sure they do not criticize others or themselves too often. Be watchful they do not become too obsessed with cleaning or organizing avoiding interaction with other children.
You can always trust a Virgo with important tasks and responsibilities. Make sure they get enough praise to counter their self-criticism. They often focus on health and exercise. Their extremist behavior can lead to compulsive exercising and hypochondriac behavior. It is very important to keep them in good balanced habits.

Birth - 6 months
Sweet and serious.
Undemanding and adaptable.Enjoys being held and cuddled.Cries when in physical distress .Responds better to routine than the unexpected.Observant and alert.Enjoys cuddles.Doesn’t like physical discomfort, surprises.

Becoming methodical.
Enjoys pulling things apart and putting them back together.Alert and curious, taking note of everything that is happening around him.Likely to begin talking early and become intrigued with labels.Enjoys nature and will begin to show a deep feeling and respect fro both animals and plants.Enjoys stimulating toys, communication, cuddles.Doesn’t like hurting himself, making mistakes, the unexpected, conditional love.
18months-3 years
Shy and curious, quietly seeking out information.Intelligent and intense, constantly asking questions and integrating information.Can be anywhere from tidy and meticulous, bordering on compulsive, to totally chaotic and disorderly.If he didn’t speak early he will now begin speaking in full sentences, confident in his ability.She will enjoy being helpful, particularly with little tasks around the home.He is also likely to become curious about health, illness and his own body.
Usually modest and cautious but may appear arrogant or over confident as he becomes more comfortable. Enjoys working out problems and fixing things.Likes trying out new ideas or solutions and enjoys sharing these with others.. He may be uncertain as to how to get what he needs and will try out different tactics until he finds the right one.He enjoys experimentation, doing things his own way, honest responses, guidance, choices and alternatives.He doesn’t like criticism, disappointment.

Leo Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Leo is Leo /Pisces.
The most compatible Father for leo is Sagittarius /Aries.

Leo Kids - The king of the jungle
Leo kids love to be treated like royalty. If you treat them with respect and honor, they will be open, warm, and very giving. These children demand to be noticed whenever they enter a room, often in quite a dramatic fashion. If you do not give them their needed compliments, they will have no problem telling you what praise they would like to hear.
They love to direct everyone, be it playmate, sibling or parent. People seem to not mind being lead around by a Leo, for they often are fun and have great ideas. As any king or queen, they demand only the best in comfort and luxury. They love to act and try on roles of older people.Usually successful in everything they do. Leos can get almost anyone to do almost anything. They do not do anything they do not feel they will not be the best in. Probably the most confident of all the zodiac signs.
Leos hate to be wrong. Whenever you must tell a Leo about a an unacceptable behavior, it must be phrased in such a way that they come out with their pride in tact. If criticized without an out, they will attack and never listen to what needs to be changed. They have very strong egos that they must protect at all times. To help a Leo with changing his behavior, start with what is good about him. Then you can tell them the behavior you would like to see them change.
Sometimes Leo can be so self-absorbed, they will not share the stage of life with anyone. Immaturity can be a problem. A Leo should only be allowed to lead people if, it will be beneficial to everyone. He cannot be allowed to just control and dominate everyone to build his own ego. Leos must learn to share. Siblings in the family will force a Leo to get off his pedestal. Be careful he doesn't bully or dominate the other siblings or the whole family will suffer.

Birth - 6 months
Sunny and loving.
Generally very healthy.
Amusing and charming.
Enjoys being the centre of attention.
Vocal and demanding- becoming even more so if needs are not met
Physically and emotionally strong.
Enjoys plenty of attention and laughter.
Is visually stimulated more than auditory.
Needs plenty of praise, love, physical contact, attention.
Doesn’t enjoy being ignored.

6-18 months
Alert and curious.
Loves discovery and likes to share with others.
Enjoys showing off for people.
Needs plenty of interaction from others.
Looks for approval.
Needs attention, approval, appropriate responses, socialising and sharing.
Doesn’t enjoy being ignored, disapproval or limits.

18 months-3 years
Bright, entertaining, delightful and generous.
Loving and tender, may mimic caring adults with dolls, animals.
Can be quite dramatic and tend to exaggeration.
Girls at this stage would quite often prefer to be boys.
Normally cheerful, may become cranky and controlling at times.
Can be bossy with other children.
Can usually be brought out of a bad mood with humour.

3- 6 years
Leo preschooler enjoys playing at ‘grown ups’ .
Enjoys drama and is now able to use exaggeration for entertainment
Will mirror the behaviour of adults around him.
Loving and generous.
Social and outgoing.
May tease or boss other children as he is testing out his leadership skills.
Likes to win.
Girls will try to prove they are as good, fast, clever, strong etc as boys.

Cancer Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Cancer is Pisces / Cancer.
The most compatible Father for Cancer is Scorpio / Taurus.

Cancer Kids - The Nurturers of the zodiacs
Within in each Cancer kid you will find an earth mother. They are the nurturers of the zodiac. They will bring home all the stray children and pets in the neighborhood. They are very sensitive to their own, as well as, other’s feelings and emotions. They are very intuitive and imaginative.Not only do they care about the underdogs in the world, they also love their families. They will protect family members at all costs. They love to cuddle their dolls and stuff animals. Toys made like small household appliances and tools are often the favorite of these children.
You can usually find a Cancer at home. They often have their own special spot or private room. They love to save everything. When they get older, they often will save scraps of paper with phone numbers on it.Hoarding is not bad if one is hoarding money. Many of the richest people on the planet are Cancers.Taking on others emotions can be a problem for these children. They have pretty severe mood swings. When down or depressed, they can become cruel. Like their symbol the crab, they will snap at you when anyone tries to threaten the shell they place around themselves when upset.
At their worse, Cancer children will be selfish, secretive and hold onto past hurts. Many male Cancers have a difficult time with their maternal side. They may become overly aggressive or competitive to compensate. Encourage these children to express their feelings. Hug them often for they love to be held. This will help alleviate clingy, needy behavior and keep them out of their shells.

Birth - 6 months
Loving, sweet and hungry. 
Very sensitive to environment and the moods around.Shy and resistant to go to anyone other than mum.Responds well to water and should enjoy bathtime.May develop an affinity with the moon, moods may already start to swing with the phases of the moon.

6-18 months
Timid, cute and cuddly.
Shy and curious, needs encouragement to explore his environment.Enjoys food but may be hesitant about trying anything new.Developing a love of nature and will enjoy walks in the park or garden.Needs lots of support, encouragement and approval.
18 months-3 years
Becoming erratic and full of contradictions.Can be almost at the same time, sweet, stubborn, caring, defensive. Continues to be shy and cautious with strangers.May become whingey or whiney, also a little clingy.Personalises events and remarks.
3-6 years
Emotional, defensive and at times even volatile.Parents have difficulty in allowing their sweet little Cancer babe to grow up .Creativity is beginning to develop and
imaginary friends and fantasy continue .Needs continued reassurance, compassion, humour, firm guidance. Doesn’t like ridicule, being taken too seriously, competition from parents.

Gemini Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Gemini is a Libra /Gemini.
The most compatible Father for Gemini is a Leo /Aquarius.
Gemini Kids - The Intelligent Entertainers
These children are good entertainers. They never are at a loss for words. In general, Geminis are very intelligent and love to learn. Writing comes easily to them. Give them books or computers to keep them from tiring of one activity. Witty and very humorous, they can grow up to be comedians. They are so good with speech, they can sell anything to anybody. You will often find salespeople possessing the sign of Gemini.
Avid readers, they will need many, many books on many subjects to be happy. They can talk so much, they drive everyone away. Boredom will turn them into a hyper, nervous, antsy child. Get their physical needs for movement satisfied by getting them involved in dance lessons, gymnastics, or track and field. They need to move their bodies as often as they move their mouths. On the other hand, do not give them too many things to do at once, for then they will never learn to be good at anything.
Watch for sensitivity to the hands, limbs or lungs. These children are more prone to dyslexia and nervous disorders, including speech problems than any other sign. Looking for variety can keep them from being faithful to friends and later to a spouse, as well as, the inability to stick with one career. Teaching your Gemini child to fulfill their commitments and concentrate on what’s in front of them will be the best thing you can do for them.
gemini astrology
Birth - 6 months

Makes contact almost immediately using eye contact and vocalisation.
Enjoys interaction.
Very alert.
Likes being talked to and to hear the sound of a
human voice.
Responds well to laughter .
Mirror play is good.
6-18 months

Curious and verbal.
Constantly in motion.
Has a
short attention span and needs plenty of variety.
Learns through repetition and conversation.
Likely to talk and walk early.
Finds everything exciting and challenging.

18 months-3 years
Perpetual motion could be your child’s nickname at this age.
Begins to perform multiple tasks at the one time.
Looks for honesty from those around .
Mercurial personality begins to show and becomes even more unpredictable.

3-6 years

Continues to be changeable, restless and curious.
Becoming more involved with testing out different roles and truths.
Tests parents to see if they meant what they say.
Favourite word "why" followed by "how".
Mimicry and conversational abilities become even more highly developed.
Begins to develop skills in debating and negotiating.

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Taurus Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Taurus is a Cancer /Taurus.
The most compatible Father for Taurus is a Capricorn /Virgo.
Taurus Kids - Consistent and Practical ones
Taurus children are very careful, consistent and practical. They thrive on order and schedules in every area of their lives from, eating, playing to sleeping. Taurus love toys and material things. They love anything they can possess or collect. Money makers from an early age, they can be happy doing chores for money. They may be slow in doing tasks, but they always finish what they start. They are reliable and show up when told to do so. Loyalty is very important to them. They are honest and consistent with family and friends expecting others to be the same.
These children love clothes and food early on. They appreciate the finer things in life. Because Taurus is ruled by the throat, they often have wonderful voices and love to sing and act. On the negative side,they can be very quiet, stubborn and possessive. They can even be possessive of friends or family, not wanting others to share their things, be it people or property. When a Taurus gets mad they do not get over it quickly.
They have their own sense of time and will finish but at their own speed. If you try to hurry them along, they will just slow down even more. Greed can be a problem with these children. Teach them to give and share with others to avoid a selfish attitude. If a Taurus learns to save at a young age, they will often become financially successful adults. A very tactile sign, these children love to touch everything they see. Massage is often a calming agent for them. They make the best huggers in the world.
Birth - 6 months

Loves cuddles.
Prefers to be swaddled.
Very sensitive to physical discomfort.
Needs physical closeness for reassurance.
6-18 months

Will respond better to routine.
Enjoys discovering things using all of his senses.
Tends to ‘mouth’ everything she/he comes into contact with.
Toys that allow a lot of tactile exploration are best for him.
Likely to develop an attachment to a ‘special’ 
cuddly toy.
May appear to be a little slower than other children of the same age. 
18 months-3 years
Determination and stubbornness begin to really show.
Favourite word is ‘NO’.
New concepts can be taught by graphics.
Needs plenty of forewarning of any changes.
Doesn’t like surprise and unexpected happenings.
Needs plenty of ‘
hands on’ experience.
Will enjoy working in the garden or in the kitchen .

He may now be less easy to please than he was previously.
More active and instigative.
Becoming competitive.
May appear more selfish and less happy.
Makes sure that they get the fair share of anything.

Aries Kids Astrology

The most compatible Mother for Aries kid is an Aries /Pisces.
The most compatible Father for Aries kid is a Leo /Sagittarius.
Aries Kids -The enthusiastic and fiesty youngsters
Aries children are very enthusiastic and not afraid to take risks. You can never find a dull moment with these feisty youngsters. They never sit still or stop moving. Emotions are on the surface with a full range of emotions from rage to ecstasy. To help your child with these strong emotions, always provide them with a physical outlet. Any competitive sport is ideal for them. Any sport that keeps these guys moving.
If these children are not watched, they will be the ones climbing the tallest tree or leaping off the roof. Involved in anything risky. Very stubborn and always taking on new challenges of the next higher mountain. Fearless in everything they do. Always starting something new. Getting them to finish what they start is another thing. They quickly lose interest in everything, from eating to building a model. As the parent, you will have to prod them to complete everything.
Natural born leaders, these children are often the class president, or the bigwig in any group. Learning to share and learning to lose will be difficult lessons for these children. Aries children can manifest the negative aspects of this sign, displaying hyperactivity and in extreme cases, violence. Moving too quickly, these children can be accident prone and easily hurt their heads. Too much selfishness can lead to difficulties with siblings and playmates. If you teach anything to an Aries, let it be patience.
Birth - 6 months
Demanding, vocal and loud.
Delightful and friendly.
Happy and smiley.
Alert and active.
Tends to sleep in short bursts.
Wakes up easily.
6-18 months
Very active.
May try to walk before learning to crawl.
Impatient - as much with herself as others.
Becomes frustrated if he can’t achieve as quickly as he would like.
18 months-3 years
Increasingly inquisitive.
Drives adults to distraction with endless questions.
Always busy, Constantly on the move.
Becoming argumentative and even a little rebellious.
Will question authority.
3-6 years
A volatile pre schooler.
Angry, threatening one moment and sweet and loving the next.
Can be extremely sensitive and takes everything personally.
Frustrated at his or her inability to perform tasks.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Astrology & Fashion

Aries (March 21-April 19)
Arians are trendsetters in fashion and clothing. They have a good taste but can sometimes look ridiculous with their wears .They have liking for sexy and bold styles to draw attention towards them. For men, narrow trousers with traditional white shirt with cufflings would certainly look great and can boost their confidence. For women, the most modern look would be knee length shirt or black tight trousers with well-fitted shirt.
Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Taureans buy the most expensive designer clothes but would still hang on their old clothes. Taureans generally have a muscular build. Men appreciate the subtelties of formal wear.They certainly look handsome in single breashed suit.Beige, Browns and pastel shades will suit there temperament. Women should avoid skimpy shirts and go for streamlined and sleek dresses. Traditional dresses with earthy prints look the best on them. They should avoid wearing extra large clothes in an effort to look lean.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
Gemini's dress up with no fuss.Flirtatious Gemini's do not need clothes to make a statement. Men like a contemporary twist to tradition. For casual wear, cotton pants and T-shirts is recommended which they can wear throughout the day with ease. For women, sleek lycra dress is ideal. Elegant crepe churidar-kameez can be worn for formals and semi-formals.
Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
Cancerians dress up according to their moods. They may fancy some item of cloth once but with the changing phase of the moon their choice and liking may shift too. In a melancholy mood they may dress up in absolute colors like black or white and the same Cancerians would like to go for bright colors when in a lighter mood. Men may feel comfortable in denim jeans and cotton Polo Tshirt for informal wears. For women the main aim would be to create magic by blending fabrics like silk and cotton. They can accentuate the various fabrics with embroidery work or motifs.

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
Leos lives in style and wears clothes well-cut elegant and demanding attention. If and when they want they will dress up meticulously neat and other times exasperately sloppy. For men, the silk shirt and tie with single breasted suit reflect elegance for formal wears. Silk suits them the best. For women, Cargo pants/Capris with tight top to match would do better. Hand-painted fabrics with bold and vibrant colors for formal wears would make them standout from the rest of the crowd.
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)
Virgos are quick to spot with that prim and proper look. They wear the most revealing clothes or daring clothes and can look sensational even in casuals.For men, button down collar shirt with black tie would make most women weak in legs. For women, sleek matching pant suit with T shirt tops would would look fantastic.The purity and sacredness of white colour add appeal to their virginal looks. Intricate handpainted designs and delicate embroidery work on dresses make them look sensational.They should avoid wearing huge or junk pieces of jewelry.

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)
Librans are beauty conscious.Men and women both can look totally sexy and alluring in most of the dresses. Men like to follow a dress code according to the occasion.Men look handsome and charming in Nehru jacket with silk shawl as much as they look in black evening suit. They always follow contemporary fashion designs effortlessly. Women should mix the most delicate pastels pinks and blues with sleek black and grey. Whispers and long dresses look chic too.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
Scorpios are the sexiest of all the zodiac sign.They like to show-off their intense and passionate nature through their clothes too. Men would like to wear tight T-shirts with jeans to show-off their masculinity. Italian long black suits look great on them. Women look ravishing in velvet or crepe dresses and for that stunning looks they might go for wine or black colour. Sloppy and loose shirts are to be avoided . If they want to be little adventurus can go for strapless dresses.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
The fiercely independent sagittarius men don't follow fashion but try to create their own style and sometimes it can be a big flop too. They can give contemporary twist to traditional designs and this would enable them to be adventurous too. They are always experimental. For women delicate shades of beige and yellow would bring that golden sunkissed glow to their face. The khaki-coloured shirts, sweaters or pants ranging from cream colour to deepest summer tan would definitely look flattering on them.
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
Capricorns like to dress casually unless they have to step in to the spot light .They do not allocate much time for improving their physical appereance. For men, casual jeans with cotton T-shirt must be an all time favourite .At the most they would replace jeans with cotton pants.In black suit tie and with that devil-may-care attitude they look unusally attrative that some women may find difficult to resist. Capricorn women may like vegetable colors and hand blockprint designs. They can try classical and sophisticated styles for romantic evenings.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
Aquarians like to dress unconventionally for that shock value.They were made for blue blazers and gray pants & they look handsome too. Women should not go for too light or clinging dress. Long single color dresses with sequin work can be worn for that stunning look. Women may favour geometric and asymmetric cuts. They look beautiful in dark colors like black, wine or violet.
Pisces (Feb 19 - March 20)
Pisceans are simple and their clothes reflect their personality . Clothes are the extension of their sensitive and compassionate soul. They are unfettered by the latest fashion trends. Men may find the old faithful denim the ultimate in wearability. For formal wear both traditional and contemporary look is advised . For women, the colors are delicate shades of salman, turquoise, blue or green . The silk polyester blended jackets with classic cuts or kurtas/gowns in fluid shapes look bewitching on them .The focal point of fashion may be scarves or handbags.